Proposal 2 of Masters Dao and Amar

Proposal change of name and ranking on the belt

Masters : Trần Nguyên Đạo, Guerrib Amar


I.   Proposed change the ranks on the belt 


Dear masters

The grade system of Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao was continually updated and the last change was approved at the 7th World Congress in 2012. It has been defined as follows:

Chapter II - Ranking System

The international ranking system was adopted during the 2nd World Masters Congress of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao in Houston Texas, USA in May 1998. A 1st update was made during the 6th World Congress in Paris - France on May 04th, 2008. And a 2nd one during the 7th World Congress in Paris-France on May 28th, 2012. The international ranking system was defined as below. 

The two recognized grade systems are: the traditional system of 1964 and the international grade system. Each country should apply the system which fits its best

grades vvd actuel

I.   The reason of change 

So after a period of application, the system showed some problems aesthetic and the lack of clarity in the ranks (the bars on the belt)

This issue had not been raised, because the majority of masters in the world are not yet reached the highest level (maximum red belt 2nd or 3rd degree) and / or the majority of countries have not applied the system International (black belt system)

But 2 years ago, in 2014, master Guerrib Amar, Technical Director of the Federation-Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao France, red belt 1st degree, proposed on the occasion of celebrates of the foundation in 2015, all masters are black belt system international, to cause the novelty to practitioners. Thanks to the above test, we highlighted a problem of lack of clarity and difficult to distinguish the ranks of the belt.

For rank belts with 3 bars are easily recognizable (especially distance), but from the fourth bars or more, are very difficult to differentiate and this causes confusion.

Since then, myself and Master Guerrib Amar, did research to suggest changes in the bars as follows:

For belts with 3 bars or below, the standard remained the same as defined in Article 8.2 of the "International Convention of the teaching program"

See detail on the World Federation website

ceinture grade jaune

(a).   Color of the belt : according to grades defined in section 8.1

(b).   Length of the belt: Once tied, the belt must not exceed the knees.

(c).    Strips of degrees: must be sewn on one side of the belt with a minimum distance of 80mm and a maximum of 120mm from the beginning of the belt.

(d).   Width of the strips: minimum 8mm and maximum 10mm.

(e).   Distance between strips: minimum 8mm and maximum 10mm.

(f).    Except the name "Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao," it is forbidden to have other embroidery, logos, letters, … on the belt

From 4th Barrette, we proposed change as follow :

ceinture grade noir

(g).   Distance between the bars Group 1 and 2: minimum 24mm and maximum 30mm 

With this distinction space (24-30 mm), the upper grades will be clearer and avoided any confusion among our practitioners or the public.

Therefore, we suggest changes to the current levels of rank of Vovinam-VVD system as follows

grades vvd

I.        Name change project for supreme white belt

The official titles are currently in force: (Article 9 of International Convention of the teaching program) 

Đẳng cấp

Grade - Rank

Danh Xưng

Titre - Title

Trách nhiệm giảng huấn

Enseignant - Instructor


Débutant - Beginning

Tự Vệ Nhập Môn

Débutant - Beginning


I Cấp à III Cấp

1er CAP à  3ème  CAP

1st CAP to the 3th CAP

Võ sinh

Pratiquant - Follower


Huyền (Hoàng) Đai I Cấp

Ceinture noire (jaune) 1er DANG

1st (yellow) black belt

Võ sinh

Pratiquant - Follower

Phụ Tá Huấn Luyện Viên

Enseignant Assistance

Assistance Instructor

Huyền (Hoàng) Đai II --> III Cấp

Ceinture noire (jaune) 2ème et 3ème  DANG

2nd and 3rd (yellow) black belt

Võ sinh

Pratiquant - Follower

Huấn Luyện Viên

Enseignant - Instructor

Huyền Đai IV Cấp/ Chuẩn Hồng Đai

Ceinture noire (rouge) 4ème  DANG

4th (red) black belt

Vs Chuẩn Hồng Đai

Maître Assistance - Assistance Master

Hồng Đai : I --> VI Cấp

Ceinture noire (rouge) 5ème  au 10ème DANG

5th to 10th (red) black belt

Võ Sư

Maître - Master

Bạch Đai Thượng Đẳng

Ceinture blanche suprême

Supreme white belt

Võ Sư Bạch Đai Thượng Đẳng

Maître Ainé

Senior Master

Bạch Đai - Chủ Tịch HĐVS/TG

Ceinture blanche du Président du Conseil Mondial des Maitres

White Belt of the President of the World Council of Masters

Võ Sư Chủ Tịch Hội Đồng Võ Sư Thế Giới

Maître Président du Conseil Mondial des Maitres

Master President of the World Council of Masters

Regarding the "Supreme White Belt" in Vietnamese as it is humbly called " Võ sư Niên trưởng  " in French is "Master Ainé" and English "Senior Master".

This name (Vietnamese-English-French), still asks questions from the sports authorities in the world and the press. To explain this properly as we lost a lot of time.

Conversely, if we use the title Grand Master (Grand Maitre, Dai Vo Su), so naturally everyone understands, without asking questions. Especially to our practitioners.

In the interests of simplicity, we suggest changing the title to the supreme white belt as follows:

Vietnam: Đại võ sư

French: Grand Maitre

English: Grand Master


Paris April 10, 2016

Master Trần Nguyên Đạo

Master Guerrib Amar