Eurocup - Tenerife - Spain - 2020

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La Commission Technique Internationale
The International Technical Board


Grand Master TRAN Nguyen Dao
President of the International Technical Board.


Rules for the Technique Competition


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I.           General Information 

I.1.    System of Scoring 

The system of scoring range from 1 to 10 with the corresponding value as follows: 

1 : Fail

2 : Extremely low

3 : Very low

4 : Low

5 : Average

6 : Pass

7 : Well

8 : Very well

9 : Excellent

10 : Exceptional


I.2.    KHAI MON QUYEN synchronized 3 pers. 

  • Three participants standing in a triangular shape in front of the judges
  • Mixed cup, regardless Female or Male. 

I.3.    THAP TU QUYEN or LUONG NGHI KIEM PHAP synchronized 2 pers. 

  • Two participants are in parallel or staggered position and face the juries
  • Mixed cup, regardless Female or Male.
  • The swords of the candidates must be weighed at least 600g (0.600kg). If not, the candidates would be required to present the event with the legal swords provided by the organization. 

I.4.    Dai-Dao(Halberd) 

  • The weight of the halberd must weigh between 1.8kg and 2.5kg. If not, the candidate would be required to present the event with a standard halberd provided by the organization. 

I.5.    DON CHAN 

  • Individual test composed of 4 mandatory techniques out of the 21 and 2 freestyle techniques
  • The number of partners is limited to two peoples 

I.6.    Lady Self-defense (Blue belt, Yellow belt) 

  • Freestyle presentation - 2 minutes max.
  • With 1 or maximum 2 partners
  • « Don Chan » at neck level or higher are not allowed.

I.7.    Children's cup 

  • For questions of partners, the children of the younger groups have the possibility of participating in the Song Luyen 1 and Khai Mon Quyen synchro events of the older groups. 
  • Children of older age groups are prohibited from participating in the younger age groups. 
II.         The Selection Procedure 

II.1.  During the Presentation

To be fair to all contestants at the eliminating rounds, the judges must not be replaced. They can be replaced only at the risk of their health conditions or at the decision of the Director of the Competition 

II.2.  The Eliminating Rounds 

The contestants will perform only once. The first half number of the contestants with the highest scores will be selected to compete at the semi-finale round.  

II.3.  The semi-finale Round 

  • The contestants will perform only once. The two with the highest scores will be selected to compete at the finale round. 
  • The contestant with 3rd highest score will automatically be the 3rd place at the finale round. 

II.4.  The finale Round 

The two finalists will compete at the finale round for the 1st and 2nd place. 

II.5.  Tie-Score 

In the case of having a tie-score at the finale round, the Judges will ask the two finalists to redo the performance and the president of the Jury will be with the judges to decide the 1st place. 

II.6.  Forgets 

If the contestant forgets during the presentation, the judges will give him or a chance to repeat the performance; but it will be at the end of the round and a one-point will be deducted. And if he or she forgets again the second time, a fail or one point will be given. 

III.      Complaints

Only the trainers are allowed to make a complaint and they must observe the following procedures:

  • Any complaint will be presented at the end of the competition.
  • The contestant can only make a complaint to his or her trainer.
  • All complaint must be made at the table of the judges. If the complaint is not resolved, then the trainer can present the complaint to the Director of the Competition.
  • The trainer must not complaint out loud in front of the audience or raises voice to the Judges.
  • Upon presenting the complaints, the Trainers and the contestants must obey all the decisions made by the Judges or the Director of Competition.
  • If the trainer or the contestant fails to observe the rules, then a disciplinary action will be applied to the said trainer, candidate or its delegation. 

III.1. Absence or no show-up at the roll call 

  • All the candidates must be present at the competition field for every roll call, even if they wish to give up or withdraw from the competition. 
  • If any contestant does not answer after the third call, that contestant will be disqualified and not allowed to compete.

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