Recommendations - World Cup 2018

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Ủy Ban Kỹ Thuật Quốc Tế
La Commission Technique Internationale
The International Technical Board


Grand Master TRAN Nguyen Dao
President of the International Technical Board

Recommendations - World Cup 2018

5th World Cup - Brussels 2018

La Commission Technique Internationale
The International Technical Board


Grand Master TRAN Nguyen Dao
President of the International Technical Board

Recommendations - World Cup 2018

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Dear Masters, Instructors and Delegation Leaders, 

From the organizing committee, for the 5th Vovinam VVD World Cup, will be taking place in Brussels, is nearing the completion of the preparation for the event. Our practitioners will soon show their best technical skills and compete among each other in the spirit of martial artist and in the spirit of the brother-and-sister, as a global family of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao. 

The competition rules, as always, cannot be précised into details in comparing to the wording of a regulation or a law. Therefore, whenever one has to go into details, only questions and interpretations are to be established. This memorandum is to serve as clarifications to the competition rules for this 5th World Cup 2018. If you have any concern, please feel free to contact me and I will try my best to address it. 

In order to have a more successful event and at the same time to help the practitioners avoiding any collateral mistakes which might prevent them from reaching their goal, the following handy information should be clearly understood and passed along to the practitioners, depending upon the skill level of each individual. 

I.Vovinam Viet Vo Dao World Cup official « Vo Phuc» 

Our experience in the past indicates that 80% of the delegation leaders and instructors do not pay attention to their practitioners on the reverenced issue. I would like to remind you that: 

With the exception to the official « Vovinam emblem » on the left side of the chest, « one’s name » on the right side of the chest and « the stripes » on one side of the belt, there shall be neither pictures nor paintings on either the « Vo Phuc » or the belt.

The only distinctive logo allowed is the name of the country, the state or the region of the delegation. The scripts must be in red color. The logo shall be placed on the right side of the upper arm or on the back of the « Vo Phuc ». For example: "Senegal", "France" or "Paris, "Genève". … Attention! The name of the dojo (school) or the names of the delegation are absolutely prohibited. For example: « Club Coq Rouge », « Palaiseau », « USA Federation»… 

  • Those who fail to observe the rules shall be penalized with three points at each time of the presentation. That means they have much less chance to be qualified for the second round. 

  • Attention! All those who do not have the official « Vovinam emblem », the stripes on the belt and the official color of the « Vo Phuc » will also be penalized in the same way as mentioned above. 

II.Vovinam Viet Vo Dao World Cup official belt color 

To make the distinct difference and to eliminate any resemblance between the competitors and the referees, the following clarification shall apply: 

  • All competitors from 1st to 4th DANG, must wear the black belt with the stripes in white. 

  • All referees and judges, from 1st to 3rd DANG must wear the yellow belt and red belt at minimum level of 4th DANG.


III.Exceptional authorization for new 1st DANG less than 3 months old.

Exceptionally, the new 1st DANG who have passed their rank in May, June and July 2018, can wear their 3rd CAP belt and participate in the Blue Belt events. 


IV.The techniques used at the competition 

IV.1     For the safety, the leg techniques at neck height must not be used.

It is formally forbidden to perform the leg techniques (Don Chan) at neck height (leg techniques No. 11 or higher) for the following categories: 

      • For any competitor under 15 of age, regardless of belt level.
      • For any female competitor, regardless of belt level.
      • For any competitor at navy blue belt level or lower. 

Those strict instructions will be forwarded to all members of the judging committee who will use all mean of penalization for any violations to this forbidden rules. From deduction of 3 points for each leg technique presented up to being disqualified from the competition, if necessary. 

IV.2     The reasons: Ethical behavior, Society and Sportsmanship. 

    • It is advisable not to perform any material which stimulates the « put to death » to the partner such as Song Luyen Kiem (Sword Dual Practice), Song Luyen Dao (Knife Dual Practice) and as well as Song Luyen Tu Do (free style Dual Practice). 

    • It is recommended to avoid any performance presenting any sense comedy, which has been recently imitated and brought in from Vietnam. Those performances do not fit in the society of the Europeans and at the point of view of the world masters of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao. 

    • The senior masters, the masters and the members of the judging committee, are coming from all over the world to attest the quality of the Vovinam martial art technique; their existence is not to watch a comedy show. 

    • The Vovinam World Cup preserves and exhibits the techniques of the martial art of Vovinam and it shall not be an international comedian entertainment.


Please make these points as clear as possible to all practitioners to avoid such performances. Score will be deducted but may also result in unnecessary penalization.  

IV.3 Prohibited/Allowed of combining the levels in the test 

Each level has its own test:

      • Children category, navy blue belt level, male or female.
      • Adult category (over 15 of age), navy blue belt, male or female.
      • Adult category, black/yellow belt, male or female 

It is prohibited to combine or mix different belt levels in a testing material. For example: 

      • A black/yellow belt shall not involve in a testing material reserved for the navy blue belt, or even just being a partner. Therefore, all black/yellow belts are not allowed to take part in the competition.
      • None of navy blue belts is allowed to take part in the competition.
      • Neither adults nor black/yellow belts are allowed to take part in the competition children category. 

With exception: It is allowed to mix or mix several levels in the following tests:

1.Cup N°19: Tam Dau and International Challenge: Does not distinguish Black or Blue level, male or female.

2.Cup N°20: Triathlon: Does not distinguish Black or Blue level and against a woman is mandatory!

3.Cup N°21 to N°23: Men's Wrestling: Does not distinguish Black or Blue level.

4.Cup N°34 to N°37: Female Fight: Allowed only the black belts and the blue belt 3rd CAP.


IV.4 The test QUYEN synchronized sword and Song Luyen Dao

    • The weight of sword : weight must be at least 600g (0.600 kg). If not deemed legitimate, sword will be replaced by the organization of competition.
    • The material of the knife: for safety reasons, the knife should be in Wood. It is forbidden to use the materials in metal or plastic.

IV.5 The Testing Materials – Original ones – Modified ones – Freestyle ones 

    • The official testing materials are the ones that all must present in the same manner as they are taught in the official training program. This will allow the judges to compare based upon the same judging criteria and to select the best competitor. This type of testing materials consists of all QUYEN and the SONG LUYEN. 

    • The Modified Testing Materials are similar to the official ones; furthermore based upon the capability and the preference of the competitor, some changes and add-ons in techniques are allowed. These modified testing materials are :

    • Knife Dual Practice (Song Luyen Dao)
    • Leg Techniques (Don Chan)

Example No.1: The Knife Dual Practice (Song Luyen Dao) : The necessity of the presentation on the testing material is to show clearly the techniques of counter attack from being attacked with knife. The add-ons and creative techniques, such as Leg techniques, the knee, and the jumps between the two techniques in knife are allowed. Example: after the 6th knife technique, we can use the 6th or 7th or 12th technique scissors as we want. Extra points can be given by the judges on those add-ons techniques depending upon the art of the presentation of such techniques. 

Example No.2: The Leg Techniques (Don Chan) : The necessity of the presentation of the leg techniques is to perform the 6 leg techniques (So 4 out of 21 in the program and 2 free presentations). The judges will primarily focus on the art of the presentation on those 6 selected leg techniques. Besides the techniques, the competitor is allowed to add short skid prior to and after each leg techniques. Again and depending upon the art of the demonstration, the judges might give one or two points as an extra for such add-ons. 

    • The Free Style Testing Materials. There are two free events, these are the women's self-defense of blue belt (cup N°11) and black (cup N°17). Competitors can therefore invent scenarios as they wish, within a maximum of 2 minutes. 

IV.6 Some minor mistakes, however they might be a big disadvantage to the competitors. 

It is recommended that the competitors to be fully aware of the surroundings and strictly observe the safety rules during the performance. The followings are some of the minor mistakes often made by the performers at the competition. 

    • For Knife Dual Practice (Song Luyen Dao) : Rolling over or stepping on the knife, swinging and throwing the knife toward the audience or the judges, wounding or cutting his partner …
    • For the Dual Practices (Song Luyen) in general: Jumping or falling outside the competition mat, lack of control on the techniques, loss of temper, being furious and have an act of taking revenge…
    • For the Kata Form (Quyen) : Not returning at the same spot as at the starting of the Form. Except the « Lao Mai Quyen »), no respect on the stances, lack of the précised target, the correct ways for the base techniques.
    • Miscellaneous items: Forgetting to bow to the judges, being slow response upon being called, inappropriate gestures (scratching the head, being nervous, looking stressful…) 


V.The Free Fight 

From the previous world cup, many competitors were given with warnings and deduction of points which resulted either in being disqualified or in losing the free fight due to some of the following minor mistakes : 

    • Grasping or pulling the « Vo Phuc » or the « Vo Phuc » front of the opponent.
    • Keep on attacking his/her opponent while he/she was on the floor or out of the competition mat, or disobeying the orders of the referees.
    • Circling around and not actually fighting, due to the match of the two competitors from the same dojo or school.
    • Protesting, shouting, or making inappropriate gestures as his/her opponent makes some faults. Please keep in mind that the referee is the only one person who has the right to give the warnings or penalties.
    • Protesting or starting to talk without permission. This is to remind that the trainer or the coach is the only one who is allowed to make any complaint or to request for some clarifications from the judges. 


VI.The attitudes 

V.1 Throwing away the gloves, shouting, insulting, leaving without bowing, refusing to shake hands with the opponent after the decision made by the judges. 

All of the acts as mentioned above are being considered as unacceptable attitudes. The competitor will be severely penalized or it might extend to the whole team from the delegation or it might result into being disqualified from the competition. 

I am asking the masters, the instructors and the leaders of the delegation to be well aware of the discipline as to preserve and protect the nobility of the martial art of Vovinam, which is highly respected and recognized throughout the world of the martial art. For some injustice which the competitor can perceive, there is always proper and noble means ways to complaint. Therefore, please do not express oneself in an emotional manner as if one is on the school yard, do not let oneself be taken away or be the victims of the instigation of the practitioners. A true meaning of being a master of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao is the master having the capability of controlling oneself and knowing to have the honor above all. 

V.2 Making the religious signs. 

We practice a universal martial art, which, in its essence, aims to bring out a true and righteous man based on three areas: Spirit, Martial Art techniques and Philosophy of life. We commit to keep ourselves away from any religious, political and racial issues in considerations. 

To preserve and respect the common world among all of Viet Vo Dao disciples, we ought to advise our competitors not to make any religious gestures in the competition field such as making sign of the cross or to bow down to thank God or the highest above before or after a free fight. 

Although those gestures are not offensive since they are considered as psychological means to bring up the self-confidence but not the means to be the winner of the competition. 

Only the hard training along with the high spirit of a martial artist would lead oneself to reach the goal and to get the honor medal of the Vovinam Viet Vo Dao World Cup.


Paris, March 24th, 2018

Grand Master Tran Nguyen Dao

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