Information about the Cups of the 7th world Congress of Vovinam-VVÐ

Specifically for this 7th World Congress, Paris-2012, we decided to organize an International Cup called Cup of the World Council of Masters to create a dynamic for all practitioners in the world

As you know, we have organized the World Cup once every four years, depending on the model of the Olympic Games, sandwiched by the continental cups. Therefore, every 2 years, practitioners have the opportunity to participate in important meetings, with an international dimension.

However, as some continents America, Oceania and Asia, not fulfilling the conditions to hold cups in their homes, their practitioners are forced to wait four years in order to participate in international competitions.

For this reason and taking the opportunity of a 7th World Congress of Vovinam-VVĐ, with the presence of many teachers and leaders of countries are members, we will organize an international dimension cut to meet the needs of all our practitioners worldwide.

This Cup  be held in Paris and will be organized in cooperation with the federation of Vovinam-VVĐ France during Grand Traditional Foundation for the 52nd Day Foundation and the Coupe de France 2012 which takes place every year.

Awaiting to welcome you to France to celebrate spring in Paris and get the 7th World Congress on the way del maturity and success, we say simply : Good preparation and soon. 

Paris, 30-09-2011.
The General Secretary of the World Council of Masters
Me Trần Nguyên Đạo