Convening of the 7th World Congress of Vovinam-VVÐ

  • Seen the internal rules of the world Council of masters of Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao.
  • Seen the statutes of the world Federation of Vovinam-VVÐ.

We have the pleasure to inform you, dear masters, members of world council of masters and dear leaders of the national federations that the 7th world Congress of masters and the general assembly of the world federation of Vovinam-VVÐ will take place in Paris, France, 26 on May 29th - on 2012.

Dear Masters and dear Leaders

The 7th world Congress in 2012 will be a new bend for our organization on the world plan because we shall have to reelect all our leaders of our world structure.

It will also be the opportunity to adopt the projects or the propositions to modernize our organization. It will also be the occasion for masters to sit the passage of ranks, to support their thesis or to be nominated for the upper rank according to "the International Convention of the ranks ".

The contents of the agenda of this 7th congress will approach the following themes:
(The agenda in detail and the principles of vote will be to you)

World congress of masters :

  • Organization of the passages of ranks and the sessions of thesis’s presentation. Vote for the nominations.
  • Annual report of the General Secretary of the world Council of masters.
  • Approval on the new members as well as the radiations.
  • Approval of the projects relative to the functioning of the world Council of masters.
  • Election of the new members leaders of the world Council of masters (mandate 2012-2016)

General assembly of the world federation :

  • Annual report of the President of the world Federation.
  • Report of the 3rd world cup of Vovinam-VVÐ - Germany 2010.
  • Adoption of the new members and\or the radiations
  • Election of the President of the world Federation for the mandate 2012-2016.

Cup of the World Council of Masters

Specially this year, this 7th World Congress takes place at the same time as the celebration of the foundation and the French cup of the Federation Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao France. It is the reason why we decided to organize with the French Federation of the additional events, in international dimension, baptized "Cup of the World Council of Masters " to create a dynamic breath for all the practitioners in the world.

As you know, we have the World cup every 4 years, according to the model of Olympics, inserted by the continental cups. Therefore, every 2 years, practitioners have the possibility of participating in international matches. However, some continents as America, Oceania and Asia, no have conditions to be able to organize cups to them, their practitioners are obliged to wait 4 years to be able to participate in international competitions.

It is for this reason and taking advantage of the opportunity of a 7th world Congress of Vovinam-VVÐ, with the presence of numerous masters and leaders of member countries, we shall organize this international cup to meet the needs of our practitioners around the world.

Dear Masters and dear Leaders

In the next days, the International Technical Commission will send you details on: the subjects of competition, the rules of the cup as well as the modalities of registration. As well as the detailed program, the modalities of the votes, the application files in the elections as well as the procedures relative to the masters thesis defense.

The organizing committee will be supervised by the world Federation, by the International Technical Commission with the support of the Federation Vovinam-VVÐ France.

During the congress, the expenses of hosting and meals for masters and presidents of the national federations are in our care.

Paris, 25-12-2011.

General Secretary of the World Council of Masters of Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao,
Me. TRAN Nguyen Dao

President of the World Federation of Vovinam-VVĐ,
Me. NGUYEN The Thierry