Viet Vo Dao Quyen Improvement Project - Paris-2022

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Ủy Ban Kỹ Thuật Quốc Tế
La Commission Technique Internationale
The International Technical Board


Grand master Trần Nguyên Đạo

President of International Technical Board


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Viet Vo Dao Quyen Improvement Project





Dear masters, members of the World Council of Masters.

As President of the International Technical Board, I have the honor to present to you the improvement project of the "Viet Vo Dao Quyen" [1], a Quyen of 2nd Dang level to be presented during the passage of the 3rd Dang. It was adopted into the International Teaching Program at the 4th Congress in Houston Texas, USA in 2004.

The Viet Vo Dao Quyen has the same characteristics as Khai Mon Quyen (for the beginner level). It is not a traditional Quyen like Thap Tu Quyen, Long Ho Quyen, Lao Mai Quyen, Ngoc Tran Quyen… because it does not simulate an imaginary fight against one or more opponents, but rather a “repertoire of techniques”. Its objective is to help the practitioner to memorize the basic techniques and counter-attack techniques the black belt level. It is therefore a teaching tool or rather an "application exercise" than a real Quyen itself.

After many years of practice and teaching, I find that this Quyen has the following major imperfections:

  1. Too long: About 140 techniques (38: Khai Mon Quyen, 54: Thap Tu Quyen, 44: Long Ho Quyen…), which results in:
    • Exhaustion if we want to run with strength and speed.
    • Imperfection in the execution of the techniques because of the length of the Quyen
    • Forgetfulness and hesitation during the performance of the Quyen.
  2. Too repetitive: Repeat 2, 3 or even 4 times the same techniques: about 25 repetitions.
  3. Does not return to the same place relative to the starting position.

These three imperfections are both an obstacle to progress for our practitioners and a disadvantage for the reputation of a great discipline of Marian art like ours.

For these reasons, Master SFORZA Aldo and myself have been studying to improve this Quyen for 8 years and we have the honor to present our work to you and submit the project to the World Council of Masters to validate this change.

Principles of improvement of Viet Vo Dao Quyen

  1. Respect the forms and objectives of this Quyen by only proposing changes related to the three identified imperfections.
  2. Reduce to 80 techniques instead of 140 (- 43%).
  3. Remove all repetitive techniques.
  4. Make the Quyen more consistent with the basic techniques or the counter-attack techniques taught at the black belt level, by adding:
    • 8 Elbow techniques (Cho),
    • 8 Block techniques (Gat),
    • 8 Knife-hand Strike techniques (Chem),
    • 8 Back Fist Punch techniques (Dam Bat).
    • Technical counter-attack Dam Moc 6th degree.
    • Technical counter-attack Dam Hai Tay 7th degree.
    • Technical counter-attack Dam Thang 4th degree.
    • Technical counter-attack Dam Hai Tay 3rd degree.
    • Technical counter-attack Dam Thang 3rd degree.
  5. At the end of the Quyen, return to the starting point.

While waiting for the 9th congress to present to you the analyzes as well as the details of the change of Viet Vo Dao Quyen, I invite you to view the following provisional videos:

➢ Current Viet Vo Dao Quyen (Viet Vo Dao Quyen Old):



➢ Viet Vo Dao Quyen proposed (Viet Vo Dao Quyen New):


Please do not distribute these videos until they are validated by the World Council of Masters.

See you soon and good study.
Master Tran Nguyen Dao

 1 : Its full name in Vietnamese is: Than, Thu, Bo, Cuoc, Phap Tinh Hoa Viet Vo Dao = The method of Movement, Arm (punch), Position, Leg (kick) of the essence of Viet Vo Dao.

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