The 4th technical book of Vovinam-VVD

The 4th book of series Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao Technical Documentation has be en published

Song Luyen N°1, Song Luyen N°2 et Song Luyen N°3


This work is the 4th book in a series of Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao Technical documentation, based on the international training program. It aims to standardize on a global scale the three trainings (Song Luyen). 

Song Luyen has many goals. The first is to help practitioners work at real speed, to perfect the basic techniques, the counterattacks, the dodges and blocks, the falls, the rolls, the locks and release techniques...

The second is to embed in the practitioner's indispensable abilities in martial arts, namely: quick reflexes, lightning attacks, precise dodging and blocking, good methods of executing falls and rolls, agility, endurance, steel mind, high concentration, ability to breathe steadily and snap observation.

livre tnd 4 700x933 In order to develop the above abilities, practitioners need to understand the correlation between the basic techniques, the counterattacking techniques, the “lock and release” techniques, the Quyen and the Song Luyen. This is the goal of the 4th Volume, intending to describe and explaining the first 3 Song Luyen of Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao.


You will find in this book, nearly 300 pages with more than 1,200 illustrations, definitions, analyzes, teaching methods... intended for both teachers and practitioners. / / / / amazon.usa / / / …

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Written under a single book: 8 languages, including French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Vietnamese.




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