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  • Supreme White Belt (2008)
  • Red Belt I Stripe (1989)
  • The Founder of Vovinam- Việt Võ Đạo in Australia
  • The Vice President of The Vovinam- Việt Võ Đạo World Federation

Tran Ich Quyen, known as Master Tran Huy Quyen, was born on December 24th, 1945 in Quan Phuong Trung Ward, Hai Hau District, Nam Dinh Province (known as Ha Nam Ninh), Viet Nam and one of seven children. (Note 1) 

Master Tran Huy Quyen was born near a banyan tree at the entrance of the village. His mother raised him alone during the times of fierce warfare between the Viet Minh and the French colonialists (1946-1954), while the Japanese were invading portions of Vietnam. By the age of 8, Master Tran Huy Quyen only owned one brown shirt. His birthday wish that year was to eat an orange, to grant him his wish his beloved sister sold her blouse and his family did not eat for a day to raise enough money to buy him an orange. 

At the age of 9, he moved to Da nang in Central Viet Nam with his family, and then later moved to Sai Gon. In 1960 at the age of 15, Master Tran Huy Quyen joined Vovinam and trained at Vovinam Headquarters Training Centre on Tran Hung Dao Street, Sai Gon and was taught by Master Le Sang and Tran Huy Phong. He was exceptionally talented in martial arts, within a year; he was nominated to perform a «Song Luyen 1» with his fellows at the Olympic playhouse where his sect held a performance to raise money to support people whom have been affected by flood.

vs tranhuyquyen lecongdanhenIn 1963 Master Tran Huy Quyen went to Ban Me Thuot to visit his family and while he was there a request was made for him to help the youth at Tao Tac army base to train in the skills of self-defense and intensity, as a result he started his first martial arts class. One of the disciples from this class later progressed to become Master Tran Nguyen Dao. 

In 1965 Master Tran Huy Quyen was one of the first Vovinam disciples nominated to become an instructor at Vinh Vien martial arts school - the headquarters of Vovinam Federation - located at 61 Vinh Vien Street, Sai Gon. Alongside him were other renowned Masters - Nguyen Van Thai, Le Cong Danh, Tran Van Be, Tran Van Trung and Nguyen Van Thong. 

He graduated from the Sai Gon University of Pedagogy as a teacher with a major in mathematics, and worked as a teacher until 1975. From 1965 to 1975 he instructed at Cai Von training centre, Fourth Army Base, Vinh Long and the army of the 81st Airborne Division (Liên đoàn 81 Biet Cach Du), Hieu Nghia Sai Gon high school. At this school he was a mathematics teacher and a manager of the Vovinam Martial Arts School. 

Due to the war, he joined the Army, and served as an Army Ranger for many years. 

vs tranhuyquyen vinhlongenIn 1974, he wed Tran Thi An and had one daughter named Tran Thi Quynh Anh (born 1975) and one son named Tran Huy Quang (born 1986). 

After the fall of South Viet Nam, Master Tran Huy Quyen spent 6 years in a re-education camp. In his first stage, he was contained in Chi Hoa prison, Sai Gon with Master Le Sang for 3 years, and then was moved to another place, eventually regaining his freedom in 1981. 

In 1982, Master Tran Huy Phong secretly organized for himself and his family along with some other masters to escape Viet Nam. On their second attempt, they successfully migrated to Australia. After migrating to Australia, Master Tran Huy Quyen immediately continued to develop Vovinam martial arts. He also participated in many cultural activities, press, charity and arts on behalf of the Vietnamese community. He helped organize many Vietnamese cultural activities like Hung King Anniversary, Hai Ba Trung Anniversary and Momba in Melbourne etc. 

The first Vovinam martial arts school was held at his own home and consisted of 10 members. With the help of other masters, organizing committees were formed in Melbourne (Master Nguyen Van Thong, Le Thanh Nhan, Diep Khoi), Adelaide (Master Pham Thi Loan), and Sydney (Master Le Cong Danh), eventually thousands of members practiced Vovinam all over Australia. 

vs tranhuyquyen botruongucenAt one stage, he was the chief editor of Viet Nam Thoi Nay using the pen names Bao Bat Dong, Chu Van and Vuong Ngoc Yen. He was also a chief contributor to FM 97.4 under the aliases Dong A Cu Si, Mo Dung Tien Sinh, Tran Huy and Tran Van. Through these cultural activities, he enriched Vietnamese democratic forum. He was well respected, and was consulted by Australian politicians regarding Vietnamese specific issues. 

On January 12th, 2001, Master Tran Huy Quyen passed away at his home in Springvale, Victoria, Australia, aged 56. His death brought great sorrow to thousands of Vovinam disciples all over the world. Master Tran Huy Quyen devoted his life to Vovinam and to date his legacy will live on.


(Translatedbymaster HO Quang Thanh Son, Vovinam-VVD Australia)




(Note 1) Master Tran Huy Quyen's family:


Master Tran Huy Quyen was the fifth of seven children in a family with a long history of martial arts tradition. He was the younger brother of Master Tran Huy Phong. Below are the names of his brother and sisters in order from eldest to youngest: 

1-     Tran Thi Nguyet

2-     Tran Ban Que (Supreme White Belt)

3-     Tran The Tung (Yellow Belt- 1965)

4-     Tran Huy Phong (1938-1997) (Patriarch Master)

5-     Tran Huy Quyen (Supreme White Belt)

6-     Tran Thien Co (Yellow Belt- 1971)

7-     Tran Nguyen Dao ( Red Belt III Stripe )


Most of them are disciples of Vovinam, beginning with Mr Tran Huy Phong, and they have all been devoted to the development of Vovinam. 

Although his older brothers were in important positions in Vovinam, the younger were treated more strictly than the others. This does not mean that they were treated unfairly, but they wanted to improve their family’s educational tradition. They all know clearly the self-control spirit as follows: 

  • Self-reliance
  • Self-education
  • Self-defense
  • Self-improvement
  • Self-control


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