The International Training Program

The International Technical Board has the honor to present the international training program which was approved at the 5th World Congress of the masters, the 31-07-2004 in Houston, Texas, USA. This program is the result of decisions passed at the previous Congress::

    • World Congress 1998 : Approval System Of Rank and tests (old and new subjects)
    • World Congress 2000: Approval of the International Convention of Rank
    • World Congress 2002: The mission order to masters LE Cong Danh and TRAN Nguyen Dao to develop an international training program.
    • World Congress 2004: Approval of international training program
    • World Congress 2012: Approval of the International Convention of the training program

This program is also the result of contributions and perseverance of the masters after 14 years of reform step by step through resolutions and translations in 8 languages.

Paris October 24, 2013
President of the International Technical Board
Master TRẦN Nguyên Đạo