WORLD CUP 2002 - Official Report


Large International Gathering

GiamKhao 2002

During the week of July 01 through 7, 2002, the city of Paris transformed itself into the world Capital of Vovinam-VietVoDao because it was selected to organize the 1st World Cup of this Vietnamese Martial Art.

Paris was not a hazardous choice or because it represents the most visited city of the world.  In reality, it is the symbol of the international development by being the capital of a large country, France, which cordially accommodated the 1st establishment of Vovinam-VietVoDao out of his borders of origin. 

By proudly accepting the task of organizing this international event entrusted by the World Federation of Vovinam-VietVoDao, Paris continues its noble mission with the teams of the International Technical Board and the Federation French.

Vovinam-VietVoDao is the symbol of the Vietnamese Martial art several thousand of years old, but its human value exceeds the geographical borders to be taught today in more than 20 countries. And nothing is more marvelous than to make the demonstration by concrete acts while joining together in Paris last July more than 300 participants, 185 competitors and 45 Masters, representing 14 countries throughout the 5 continents.

A world cup called "Large International Gathering" was thus celebrated in an atmosphere of happiness and festivity. It received the support of government agencies, regional administrations, media and private companies which have sponsored this exceptional event.

PhaiDoan4 2002The Great Family Vovinam Viet Vo is happy to see its members communicating with each others in several languages:  Vietnamese, French, English, German, Russian, Arabic, and African or simply by spontaneous gestures...  In spite of these cultural and linguistic differences, one often hears laughter’s, which animates these feast days.  Indeed, all Vo Sinh are able to be understood because they al has the same broadmindedness, the same steel hand and the same heart of kindness, especially the same culture:  Vovinam VietVoDao.

To satisfy their will to succeed in the organization of the World cup, all Masters, organizers and referees worked during several days at Palaiseau and Pontault-Combault for the meetings, championships, quarterfinal, semi-final... in order to select in each of the 25 tests the 2 best candidates for the finale held on Saturday July 6, 2002 in Paris

The final evening counted more than 900 witnesses in an environment of festival, animated by the candidates of the 14 participating countries.  They carried out very harmonious and collectives Quyen as well as amazing techniques of "Don Chan".  Their merit is large bus the techniques beautiful and are well rhythms although they come from several remote horizons and had only hardly an hour and 15 minutes to regulate and harmonize their numbers of demonstration. The witnesses cannot only imagine that this group of practice, carrying out so fluid demonstrations and so harmonious, is actually very heterogeneous because its members come from various countries and do not speak the same language.  This success gave much pride to the teachers and to Vo Sinh present at the gymnasium Max Rousié in Paris 17thSt.

HuyChuong3 2002

That evening, Paris saw radiant faces or tears of joy of the prize winners going up on the podium to receive the trophies.  Paris also saw other attitudes of regrets which characterize those who only finish 2nd, proud nevertheless to be photographed beside the winners and of the international Masters, under applause without end. The losers tighten the hands to congratulate the winners the latter embrace them in their turn in ways of encouragement and thanks. Always impassive faces, not supporting there owns pupils, the Masters judge the presentations, applaud and reward all the prize winners. All these very worthy attitudes translate perfectly the level of maturity of our Vovinam-VietVoDao at a world level.

worldcup2002 logoThe Organizing Committee greets this sporting spirit and sincerely addresses its thanks to all the participants in the World Cup 2002.

Paris July-2002 is also the occasion for the meetings of the World Council of the Masters and of the World Federation of Vovinam-VietVoDao. Let us recall that these meetings take place every 2 years, previously in Paris (1996), Houston (1998) and Los Angeles (2000).

Like the other times, the Masters could present their work and proposals on the payments, techniques and organizations...  Paris 2002 also accommodated the international Masters for their presentation of thesis.  This year, there are 7 theses coming from Vietnam, Australia and France.

The Large International Gathering ended Sunday July 8, 2002.  There are express departure trains for some in direction to the highways, the airports or the stations of Paris; others gathered to leave together on holiday to discovered Italy, Belgium, Germany or Spain. Finally some preferred to remain on the spot to live fully in the capital of the light.  However, all Vo Sinh have this common point:  Innumerable gifts memories " World Cup Paris 2002 " and beautiful images of friendship and fraternity engraved forever in their memory.

Rendez-vous to the next gathering:  "World Cup Algeria 2006" !

The Committee organizing



 President Germany Federation of Vovinam-VVD
2  Belgium  Huynh Huu Qui
 President Belgium of Vovinam-VVD
 President Belarus Federation of Vovinam-VVD
 President France Federation of Vovinam-VVD
5  Russia

 President Siberia Federations of Vovinam-VVD

 Nefteyugansk, Tyumen region, Russia

6  Switzerland  Ha Chi Thanh
 President Switzerland Federation of Vovinam-VVD
 President Ukraina Federation of Vovinam-VVD
8  Algérie / Algeria  DJOUADJ MOHAMED
 Representing of Vovinam-VVD in Algeria
9  Côte d'Ivoire  N'DIAYE LAMINE
 National  Trainer Côte d'Ivoire
10  Sénégal / Senegal  SEYDINA ABABACAR DIOUF
 President of the National Committee of Vovinam-VVD in Seneral
11  Canada  Nguyen Huu To Dong
 President Canada Federation of Vovinam-VVD
12  USA  Nguyen The Hung
 President USA Federation of Vovinam-VVD
13  Australie / Australia  Lê Công Danh
 President Australia Federation of Vovinam-VVD
14  Viet Nam  Tran Ban Que, Ngo Kim Tuyen
 Invited of the World cup



Master Nguyen Van Cuong
Secretary-general of the World Council of the Masters

Master Ngo Huu Lien
Honorary president of the World Cup.

Master Le Cong Danh
President of the jury of the World Cup

Master Tran Nguyen Dao
President of the World Federation of Vovinam-VVD

 Germany  Nguyen Tien Hoi, Nguyen Thanh Xe, Pham Thanh Nam, Duong Quan Viet, Schwerdtmann Jürgen
 Australia  Lê Công Danh, Lê Thành Nhân, Le Huu Tai, Ho Quang Thanh Son
 Belgium  Huynh Huu Qui
 Canada  Nguyen Huu To Dong
 France  Nguyen Dien, Tran Nguyen Dao, Hà Kim Khánh, Nguyen Phi Long, Nguyen The Truong, Bá Duong, Truong Quang Tuan, Bá Phúc, Bloume Daniel, Miesch Philippe, Seurin Thierry, Sforza Aldo, Hà Kim Chung, Troncoso André, Tran Van Ðô, Rouquette Christophe, Tran Antonella, Geurrib Amar, Crozon Serge, Crozon Cazin Gilles
 Switzerland  Hà Chí Thành
 USA  Nguyen Van Cuong, Ngo Huu Lien, Lysary, Nguyen The Hung, Võ Trung, Võ Thành Long, Kevin TK
 Viet Nam  Tran Ban Que, Ngô Kim Tuyen, Truong Quang An, Van Chu Ðong, Pham Thi Cúc




La Ville de Paris
The Town of  Paris

Le Conseil Général de Seine et Marne
The General Council of the Seine and Marne




La Ville de Palaiseau
The Town of  Palaiseau



ville-pontault-combaultLa ville de Pontault Combault
The Town of  Pontault Combault




Le MJC de Palaiseau
The MJC of  Palaiseau

Le Compagnie Informatique COPSCI - Data-processing Company COPSCI

Fuji MAE - Company equipment of sport


La Fédération des Arts Martiaux Traditionnels Vietnamiens
The  Federation of the Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts

La Ligue Ile de France de la Fédération des Arts Martiaux Traditionnels Vietnamiens
The League Ile de France of the Federation of the Vietnamese Traditional  Martial Arts



La Fédération Vovinam-VVD Mondiale - The World Federation of Vovinam-VVD

La Fédération Vovinam-VVD France - The France Federation of Vovinam-VVD

Le Comité Vovinam-VVD Rhône-Alples - The Rhone-Alples Committee of Vovinam-VVD

Le Comité Vovinam-VVD Ile de France - The Ile de France Committee of Vovinam-VVD

Le Comité Vovinam-VVD Limousin - The Limousin Committee of Vovinam-VVD

Le Comité Vovinam-VVD Champagne-Ardenne
The Champagne-Ardennes Committee of Vovinam-VVD

Le Comité Vovinam-VVD Aquitaine - The Aquitaine Committee of Vovinam-VVD

Le Comité Vovinam-VVD Basse Normandie - The Basse Normandie Committee of Vovinam-VVD

Le Club de Longjumeau - The Club of Longjumeau

Le Club de Palaiseau - The Club of Palaiseau

Le Club de Pontault Combault - The Club of Pontault Combault

Le Club de Paris Charenton - The Club of Paris Charenton






FRI ( Radio France International )

La radio Horizon FM - The radio Horizon FM

La radio Tieng Noi Que Huong - The radio Tieng Noi Que Huong

La télévision Canal Coquelicot - Television Channel Coquelicot

Le journal Le Parisien - The newspaper The Parisien

Le Magazine Karate-Bushido - The Karate-Bushido Magazine

Le Magazine Budo International - The Budo International Magazine

Le Magazine de Seine et Marne - The Seine et Marne Magazine

Le Magazine de Pontault Combault - The Pontault Combault Magazine

Le Magazine de Palaiseau - The Paleseau Magazine