4th World Cup Paris - 2014

La Commission Technique Internationale
The International Technical Board


Master TRAN Nguyen Dao
Secretary General of the World Council of Masters
President of the International Technical Board


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ARTICLE 1 : Rugulation - Laws - Official Languages


    1. All the delegations and participants must follow the administrative and competitive Cup regulation policies.
    2. The official languages of the Cup are French, English and Vietnamese.


ARTICLE 2 : Organization Committee (O.C)


The Cup is organized by the Federation Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao France on delegation of authority from the World Federation of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, and placed under the responsibility of the International Technical Board.

The Organization Committee (O.C.) is composed of :

 Masters NGÔ Huu Liên, NGUYEN Van Cuong  Honorary President of the Cup

 Master NGUYEN The Truong

 President of World Federation

 President of the Cup

 Master MIESCH Philippe

 President of French Federation

 Delegated president of the Cup
 NGUYEN Tien Hung  President of the Organization Committee
 LAMY Alexandre

 Vice-President of the Organization Committee and


 FORESTIER Olivier  Responsible for the final evening
 DAIX Didier  Head home
 NGUYEN Tien Hung  Responsible of the Website
 MARTINS Daniel  Transport Committee
 DUCOUSSO Jean-Philippe 

 Public relations communication and sponsoring

 LAMA David   Safety Committee
 FALEYRAS Alex   Logistics Manager
 ALVES Kelton-Patrick   Responsible of the decorating
 LAMY Alexandre  Registrations and Accommodations
 HOANG Viet  Responsible of video
 DUONG Minh Tam


 Media photographers


ARTICLE 3 : Technique Committee


 Master Phan Duong Binh (VN) VN   Honorary President of the jury
 Master LE Cong Danh (Aus)  President of the jury
 Master NGUYEN Van Dong (Usa)  1st Vice- President of the jury
 Master NGUYEN Tien Hoi (Ger)  2nd Vice- President of the jury
 Master GUERRIB Amar (Fr)  Director of the Competitions
 Master JÜRGEN Schwerdtmann (Ger)
 Master LE Thanh Nhan (Aus)
 Master HA Kim Khanh (Fr)  Organization theses presentation
 Master Vo Trung (Usa)
 Master HA Chi Thanh (Suisse)  Responsible for claims
 Master Phi Long (Fr)
 Master CROZON Serge (Fr)  Directors of Black belt Sparring events
 Master APPIAH Georges (Ger)
 Master VERSHINA Maxim (Ukraine)
 Master GREGORI Emmanuel (Fr)  Director of Blue belt Sparring events
 Master MARK Holzwarth (Ger)
 Master NASSOURI Moussa (Burkina-Faso)
 Master BLOUME Daniel (Fr)  Directors of Black belt Techniques events
 Master SENE Abdoulaye (Sénégal)
 Master TK Kevin (Usa)
 Master HA Kim Chung (Fr)  Directors of Blue belt Techniques events
 Master HO Quang Thanh Son (Aus)
 Master SEYDINA Ababacar DIOUF (Sénégal)
 Master TRAN Antonella (Fr)  Directors of Children events
 Master MENDEZ Javier (Esp)
 Master ULADZIMIR Papou (Biélorussie)


ARTICLE 4 : Participation - Invitation


      1. All the Federations, Associations, Centers, Clubs … member of the World Federation or guests of the O.C. can register without any limitation on the number of participants.
      2. All the presidents of the National federation, members of the World Federation, all the masters (from 4th Dang), members of the World Council of Masters and guests of the O.C. are official guests of the Cup. The O.C. will cover all the fees for lodging and food during the duration of the Cup, from July 19 to 27, 2014.


ARTICLE 5 : Delegation information


Each delegation must send an official member list to the O.C. prior to June 15, 2014, with the following information :

      • Name, surname – birth date – address – nationality
      • Passport number (Except for passport holders of the following countries : European Community, USA, Canada and Australia)
      • Category: responsible, competitor, accompanying person
      • Degree – Blood type – weight (in kilograms)

ARTICLE 6 : Responsible for delegations


    1. Each delegation must be composed of the following persons :
      • A Delegation Head : administrative contact person and representative of the delegation.
      • An Instructor : contact person for competitions, coach and medical assistant for the delegation.
      • A Translator : for foreign delegations who do not speak French, English or Vietnamese.
    2. One person can have two or three of the above-mentioned responsibilities.
    3. The delegation instructor cannot be a competitor, member of a jury or member of the referee team.
    4. The competitors – technique or sparring – cannot be member of a jury or member of the referee team.
    5. Each delegation is entirely responsible for its own material and participants (competitors and accompanists). The delegation head is in charge of any activity performed by its members. The O.C. will not have any liability concerning any loss of material or personal objects.


ARTICLE 7 : Official uniform for the delegation


    1. The official Vo Phuc for competitors is as follow :
      • The Blue Sky Vo Phuc of Vovinam-VietVoDao.
      • The only official badge of Vovinam-VVÐ on the left side of the chest on the Vo Phuc.
      • Optional : only one distinctive sign allowed. It is the name of the country or the state or the department of the delegation. The letters must be appeared in Red color. Its location could be on the right arm or the back of the Vo Phuc. Example: "Senegal”, "France", or "Paris", "Geneva"...
      • Optional : the name of the competitor could be written on the Vo Phuc, located on the right side of the chest with the following requirements :
        • For Blue Belts: the name in yellow with a Blue Sky background
        • For Black Belts and Yellow Belts: the name in Red with a Yellow background
        • For Black Belt from 4th Dang: the name in White with a Red background
    2. The official belt is as follow :
      • Little belt with the degree (stripes) on the left side. No other written word allowed, except the term "Vovinam-VietVoDao".
      • For Blue Belt: Blue belt with Yellow stripes.
      • For Black Belt or Yellow or 4th Dang: Black belt with Red stripes (except for judges and referees).
    3. The O.C. will exclude any participant who does not follow those rules from any competition.

ARTICLE 8 : Function of the Technical committee

    1. Referees and Judges
      • The Referees and the Judges cannot be at the same time Competitors or Trainers.
      • The Referees and the Judges will be selected and appointed by the President of the Jury and the Director Competition.
    2. Condition to be a Judge and Referee
      • The Judges and the Referees must be at least 18 years old the day of competition.
      • To be Judge of the Black Belt sparring championships, the candidates must be at least of level 4th Dang.
      • To be Referee, the candidates must be at least black belt of level 3rd Dang.
    3. Doctor and times-Keeper Judge Nomination
      • The presence of a doctor or a team of qualified first-aid workers is obligatory. Their role is to ensure medical care, as necessary, which might occur in the enclosure where the competition is held.
      • The times-keeper judges, the doctors, the first-aid workers, the mats, the materials of competitions, will be selected and/or appointed by the President of the Organization Committee.


ARTICLE 9 : The president of the Jury


Has the role :

      • To designate the Referees and the Judges with the Director of Competition.
      • With assistants, ensure the smooth running of juries. 
      • To arbitrate and guarantee the right appreciation of the members of the Jury. 
      • To take disciplinary measures against the candidates or the delegations, as required, when rules are infringed. 
      • To sign the final results sheets of each test and the diplomas awarded to candidates.


ARTICLE 10 : The Director of Competition


Has the role :

      • To designate the Referees and the Judges with the President of the jury.
      • To coordinate the totality of the Cup competitions.
      • To arbitrate and make decisions for all the problems involved in the competition except those involving regulation of the Cup.


ARTICLE 11 : Insurance - Security


    1. All the competitors – for technique or sparring – must have a valid national license or insurance and national medical certificate (aptitude for the competition). The medical examination preliminary to the competition must comprise a complete clinical examination, with particular emphasis on the cardiovascular, locomotion apparatus and with the coetaneous coating. The O.C. will not be subject to any liability for anyone not adhering to this regulation.
    2. If a competitor does not hold any insurance for sport related activities, the head of the corresponding delegation must inform the O.C. and subscribe to one of the designated insurance policies provided in French.


ARTICLE 12 : Control anti-drug


    1. Anti-drugs controls may be operated at any time. These controls carried out at the initiative of the O.C. of the Cup. 
    2. If a candidate controlled positive, severe disciplinary actions will be applied.
    3. The instructor the delegations heads and all people who would have contributed directly or indirectly to doping are liable to the same disciplinary actions. 
    4. Candidates who refuse to subject themselves to control, are considered positive.


ARTICLE 13 : Disciplinary measures - sanction


    1. Absolutely forbidden any political, racial or religious discussion, claims or manifestation during the competition.
    2. If one or more of the above rules infringed, the O.C. has the right to give a sanction, which can result in the exclusion of one or more persons and in some cases the entire delegation without appeal.

ARTICLE 14 : Off regulation


The O.C. will decide any event not mentioned in the previous article.


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