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Regulations traditional Vietnamese wrestling are numerous. They depend on the region or examinations for the selection of officers in martial arts under various monarchies. However, they have the following characteristics:

  •         Organizations are held once every 3 or 4 years for selection examinations officers in martial arts under the monarchical regimes 
  •         Organizations are held each year in the provinces and villages or during major holidays or during the New Year festival (Tet festival) 

The candidates must be shirtless, and are dressed in a sort of belt with "loincloth". There is no distinction level, grade and weight. Punches, kicks... are prohibited. They can catch their opponent to drop or throw. To win must be satisfied the following conditions: 

  • Push the opponent out of the fighting area (circle diameter of 4 to 5 meters).
  • Lift the opponent so he cannot touch the ground with both feet (if a foot touches the ground, the technique does not count).
  • Projecting the opponent so that his shoulders and back touch the ground (if it falls face down, the technique is not valid).
  • Secure the opponent by a key or a constriction until it admits defeat. 

In competitions, there is no time limit in a wrestling match. Candidates must fight until there is a winner. 

There are two categories of the tournament: 

  •      Small tournament: reserved for small competitions in which there are few participants. Candidates are drawn and fight for the playoffs until the final for a winner is declared. 
  •      Big tournament: reserved for major competitions, championships between cities. Prices are distributed as follows : 
    •      First prize: t takes 6 consecutive wins in 6 fights to be able to measure the defending champion (winner of the previous year). If he wins, he will be the first prize.
    •     Second prize: the candidate must win 5 of 6 fights for the right to fight against the second ranked candidate from the previous year.
    •     Third prize: the candidate must win 4 of 6 fights to be able to fight against the third ranked candidate from the previous year. 

Regarding regulations on wrestling in the Vật Vovinam-Việt Võ Đạo 

  • The regulations for wrestling in the Vovinam-VVĐ are established since 1964 by the "Steering Committee" (or the first Council of Masters of Vovinam-VVĐ). 
  • The wrestling matches (Đấu Vật) (the equivalent of free fighting) is a compulsory subject in the examinations passing ranks as well: Quyền, Song Luyện, sparring etc. : 
    • 3 wrestling fights   : for examinations Blue Belt 2nd and 3rd Cấp
    • 6 wrestling fights   : for examinations Yellow Belt 1st Cấp.
    • 9 wrestling fights   : for examinations Yellow Belt 2nd Cấp.
    • 12 wrestling fights : for examinations Yellow Belt 3rd Cấp. 
  • Each fight lasts 3 minutes.
I.            Regulations wrestling matches for the 2018 World 

I.1.        The area wrestling 

The wrestling area is composed: 

  • The perimeter of fighting area: it is the circular (or square) space at the center.
  • The perimeter of security: it is the space in the rectangle around the perimeter of fighting.

vovinam reg vat combat aire vn


  • Two candidates (Ts1, Ts2) form a triangle with the Referee (Tt) and are facing the three-jury members (Gk1, Gk2, Gk3) and the referee timekeeper (Tg). 
  • Each candidate can be assisted by their trainer (Hlv1, Hlv2), sitting on the same side as the jury. 
  • Each table jury is assisted by a referee timekeeper (Tg), which is responsible for the duration of the fight

I.1.        Duration of wrestling match 

  • Each wrestling match lasts 3 minutes and consists of two rounds of 1.5 minute each with a 30 seconds pause between.  The total time for a wrestling match is estimated at a minimum of 3 minutes and 30 seconds. 
  • The duration of each round is the actual duration of the fight. The referee timekeeper stops the timer countdown to each intervention: the referee, jury members, doctors, coaches or at the request of temporary suspension from the fighter. 

I.2.        Appeal fighters procedure 

  • All competitors must be present on the fighting area when they are called, even if they wish to abandon 
  • After 3 calls, candidates who do not present on the fighting area are automatically disqualified.  

I.3.        Modalities for wrestling 

  • When called , the fighters come to the combat area , make the salvation "Nghiêm lễ" to the members of the jury, the referee and wait for the orders of the referee 
  • After a security check (clothing, pads), the referee calls for the salvation "Nghiêm lễ" between the two fighters and orders the beginning of wrestling: seizure neck and arm under the rules of the fight Vovinam-VVĐ. 
  • The fight can only start after the order of the referee "Đấu". 
  • Candidates must stop the fight when the referee or jury "Thôi".
  • The jury observes the fight, gives notes, and designates the winner at the referee.
  • The referee declares the winner.
  • During the fight, only the two coaches are allowed to talk and give advice to their fighters.
  • The supporters can encourage their fighters with applause but cannot speak, promulgate advices or to criticize the fighters.
  • It is forbidden for the candidates to speak, protest or provoke the adversary during the sparring. It is only authorized to ask the referee for a sparring break (timeout) in order to obtain the trainers advice.  

I.4.        Clothes in wrestling 

Fighters should dress as follows: 

  • The pants of Vo Phuc (training clothes) and the belt according under the criteria of Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao (see Article 7, Administrative Regulation).
  • Jacket of Vo Phuc is replaced by a white, blue or red tight shirt with long sleeves well, putted in pants of Vo Phuc. (See Annotation 2: The clothes in wrestling) 

I.5.        Weight categories

  • 4 weight categories reserved for males, without distinction of rank or belt color
    • 1 :   <  70kg
    • 2 :   +70  -80kg
    • 3 :   > 80 kg
    • Specially this year, there are no categories for females 
II.          Fighting rules 

II.1.      Rating methodology 

  • 3 cases :
    • Winner            : 3 points
    • Equality          : 1 point
    • Defeated         : 0 point 

II.2.      Progress of wrestling 

  • The case applying a control technique of Vovinam-VVĐ. 

1-     3 points: The adversary has fallen neatly and is grounded for 10 seconds: the fighter is declared the winner and the fight is stopped without waiting for the duration of 3 minutes is reached. 

2-     2 points:  The adversary has fallen neatly and the grounding did not last 10 seconds. 

3-     1 point:  The adversary has fallen neatly but grounding is not successful. 

  • The case of applying a technique that does not belong in the technical of Vovinam-VVĐ. 

1-     2 points : The adversary has fallen neatly and is grounded for 10 seconds 

4-     1 point:  The adversary has fallen neatly and the grounding did not last 10 seconds. 

2-     0,5 point:  The adversary has fallen neatly but grounding is not successful. 

  • The case where the time duration is attained 

1-     In case the time duration is reached (3 minutes), it will be the sum of points will determine the winner. The winner will have 3 points and the loser has 0 point. 

2-     In the case where one of the combatants reached 3 points, it will be declared the winner and the fight is stopped without waiting for the duration of 3 minutes is reached. The other fighter keeps his points in the case of draft. 

3-     In case of equality of points, the fighters are declared equal and each have 1 point. 

  • The special case 

1-     The case withdraw declaration before or during the fight: the person who made the application has: 0 point. The other, which will be named the winner by forfeit, has 3 points 

  • The case where there is no notation 

1-     The fighters lose their balance or fell by slip. 

2-      The fighter makes a cons after immobilization (preventing immobilization) does not point mark 

III.         Prohibited techniques - Penalties (points off) – Warnings

  (See Annotation 1: Table of penalties) 

III.1.       Prohibited techniques 

  • It is prohibited to use the following techniques: punches, kicks, sharp hand, backhand fist (Bật), elbows, fingers spikes, claws, pinching, biting, hairgrip etc. 
  • It is forbidden to use wrestling techniques number: 1, 11, 24, 26 and 28, deemed too dangerous. 
  • It is prohibited to cling to clothes. However, the seizure belt is accepted. 
  • It is prohibited to continue to attack when the adversary has declared defeated. 
  • It is prohibited to attack or cons-attack when the referee or jury gave the order to stop the fight: « THÔI ». 
  • It is prohibited to attack or cons-attack when the adversary is out of the fighting area or when entering the security perimeter. 

III.2.    The warnings 

  • The jury or the referee has the right to issue warnings and assign penalty points (points off) at any time on condition that they respect the following procedure : 
    • Launch the order "Thôi" to stop the fight. 
    • The referee and the judges should meet at the table of the jury to decide all measures warnings and penalty points. 
  • Warnings and penalty points are valid only if the decision is a simple majority (2 votes for and one vote against). 
    • Penalty points shall be recorded by each member of the jury. 
    • The referee must officially declare the decision of warning and clearly identify the offending fighter. 
    • Continue the fight. 
IV.        Suspension of fighting 

The fight is suspended (temporary stop) by the referee or one of the members of the jury in the following cases: 

  • When the two feet of one of the fighters enter the security perimeter. 
  • Fighters or coach may request the suspension for a rest of 15 seconds or to request abandoning the fight. 
  • The referee or jury may at any time give the order to suspend the fight. 
  • The jury has the right to suspend the fight and decide the winner if he believes that the fight is too dangerous because there is an important difference in the level. 
  • On the intervention of the President of the Jury, the Competition Director or medical personnel 
V.          Claims 

Only coach’s fighters have the right to make a complaint on condition that they have to respect the following procedure: 

  • Make claims at the end of fighting. 
  • The candidate can claim only via their coach.
  • The trainers can lodge their appeals to the Jury Table and if required lodge with the President of the Jury or the Director of Competition.
  • It is forbidden to claim out loud in front the public or to quarrel with the judges or with the referee
  • After issuing claims, coach and fighter must respect the decisions of the jury or the Jury President or the Director of the competition.
  • In the case of non-compliance with the above rules, disciplinary measures will be applied to the fighter or his delegation. 
VI.        Intervening party 

VI.1.   Referee’s role 

  • The Referee is in charge, guarantees the smooth completion of the fight. 
  • Give the watchwords like Start, Stop and provisional end of combat. 
  • Watch compliance and ensure the safety of fighters. 
  • Decide disciplinary measures such as getting attention, Warnings, Penalty Points, elimination notes. 
  • Participate in the decision to designate the winner at the request of the jury. 
  • Check clothes and protections of the fighters. 
  • Declare the winner fighter as decided by the jury. 
  • Must be at all times between the two candidates and facing the Judges. 
  • At any moment may stop the fight if : 
    • There is an overwhelming domination by one of the candidates that leads to accident risk. 
    • requests from medical service 


VI.2.   Role of the jury members 

  • The jury gives notes and decides which of the two fighters will be the winner. It can also assign It can also assign scores penalty and disciplinary action. 
  • At the end of the fight, designate the winner to the Referee. 
  • To consult the Referee at any time. 
  • The jury can stop the fight at any time if : 
    • There is an overwhelming domination by one of the candidates that leads to accident risk. 
    • Requests from medical service. 


VI.3.   The Trainer of the Delegation 

Has the role: 

  • To help, look after, advice, prepare and be the representative of his candidates. (Also during the fight). 
  • He is the only representative of the delegation with respect to the jury members or the Cup technical committee. 
  • Is the only one authorized to sit on a chair placed at the edge of the sparring area. 
  • Is responsible for all the candidates conduct of during or outside of combat. 
  • Is the only one authorized to lodge an appeal with the jury members or the President of the Jury or the Director of Competition? 
  • Must respect the decisions of the jury members or the President of the Jury or the Director of Competition when the verdict is returned. 
  • Must also respect the procedures and decisions of the Referee and the Jury members. 


VI.4.   The medical service 

  • At any moment, candidates, trainers, Referees or the jury members can call upon the first aid or medical service. 
  • The doctor may order a suspension of the fight after examination in the following cases : 
    • The candidate who has committed the wound will have penalty points. 
    • If the wound is not caused by the adversary, the wounded fighter will be points less. 
VII.      Others 

VII.1.  Upgrades or sub-classifications of weight classes 

For a competition to take place in a category, at least 3 candidates are needed. The class upgrade or downgrade to a different must be decided by the President of the Jury. 

VII.2.   “2nd Chance” or direct qualification 

For a category of sparring to proceed correctly, the number of candidates must be always an even number.  The President of the Jury can decide the direct qualification of a candidate, by drawing lots. Equally, the president may decide to give a second chance to a deserving candidate having lost in the proceeding round.





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